February 2011: SOA for HIX Business Intelligence Technologies India Announces SOA(Service Oriented Architecture) for Health Information Xchange November 2009: MOU with KSPHC Business Intelligence Technologies India has signed an MOU with Karnataka State Police Housing Corporation (KSPHC) to roll-out Web Based Project Management and Monitoring System at Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) May 2009: DSIR Certification Business Intelligence Technologies Pvt. Ltd. In-house R&D unit is now recognized by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research under Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India Feb 2009: Integrated PMS BIT to distribute & support 3iCare PMS, a comprehensive, IHE certified PMS integrated with PACS. Jan 1 2009: OSDD - BIT CSIR-OSDD (Open Source Drug Discovery) student projects available at BIT's in-house R&D centre at Bangalore. Jan 1 2009: Bio-Suite Reseller BIT to distribute & support Bio-Suite, a Comprehensive, Integrated, Modular package of analytical tools for Computational Biology. Dec 18 2008: CSIR-OSDD (Open Source Drug Discovery) certified student projects available at BIT's in-house R&D centre at Bangalore. Nov 12-15 2008: Austrade Microsoft Healthcare Mission – Seattle, USA 15th May 2008: "Intelligent Document Management " (IDM) BIT announces solution for handling unstructured data. These are aimed at increasing data points within corporate dataset and enables mining of this data 17thApril, 2008: ICT Expo, Hong Kong BIT attends ICT Expo at Hong Kong as part of Victorian Delegation. 10thOctober, 2007: BIT attends CeBIT@ Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC),Shanghai,Asia 2007 International Trade Fair for Information Technology, Telecommunications, Software & Services for China and the Asian/Pacific Region.

Structured Analytics

Structured Analytics

Using our Power Manager suite we have built dashboards enabling decision making by our largest enterprise client.

Power Manager

Power Manager can be used in Telecom, Finance and Healthcare which is designed for mangers in e-Telco, Financial service and Healthcare industry, assisting them to take quick decision and monitor overall performance. Power Manager enables to translate strategies into plans, monitor execution and provide insight to manage and improve overall operational performance. Power Manager is capable of tracking the key performance indicators (KPI) and sub KPI’s

Power Engine

Power Engine is a Hosted or On demand application which is specifically designed to deliver functions to the users with a minimum of complexity. It reduces cost and saves time leading to minimal risks of implementing software or hardware, no capital investment, rapid adoption, instant deployment, easier to maintain and reduced administration. The On demand power engine brings forth a Pay as you go subscription service substituting the traditional license fee


Banking Assest Liability Management is a forecasting software with a risk management tool.BALM povides analytical support to decision makers thus geneating automated reports .BALM is a customizable tool and is capable of using adavanced analytical tools and it specializes in Planning and Risk assessment citeria .BALM provides a comprehensive set of analytical tools to analyze maturity profile of a bank’s cash flows

Power Analytics

An advanced tool which incorporates features of Power Manager and Power Engine. Which is due to be released Shortly.